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Hanse Immobilien Bau GmbH is a construction company, specialized in mass projects of Housing.

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Hanse Immobilien Bau GmbH

Hanse Immobilien Bau GmbH is specialized in building design and construction. In Hanse, We can turn every land in any place to a modern and futuristic building, whether in city or in suburbs. Utilizing the most experienced and creative designers and engineers we create a new approach toward building design and construction.
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Why Hanse

Hanse is a construction company, specialized in mass projects of Housing. By utilizing Best Experts in the field and collaborating with Creative architectures in Europe and combining with the management of Mr. Ghorbanzadeh enjoying over 20 years of Experience in management, Hanse set its journey towards its Goals.


To Become Reputable For Exceptional Building Design and Construction in Europe.


Designing and Constructing Dream Homes For Everyone.


In Hanse We Value:
Modern, Innovative and Smart Design, Team Work, Meeting The Milestones, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction.

Hanse Bau Info

+49 40 398 063 68



könig-Heinrich-weg 248
könig-Heinrich-weg 248
Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany


Monday - Friday
Monday - Friday
09:00 - 17:00 (GMT 0)
09:00 - 17:00

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